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The Ubud Village Resort is uniquely situated on the hillside of Pengosekan, Ubud

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1:58 AM, Sunday, May 29th 2016
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The Ubud Village Resort & Spa "Golden Harvest"

Bali The Ubud Village Resort, The Ubud Village Resort  Bali

Almost 3 weeks the rice paddy view from our resort is look like a golden overlay.

The men and women  all take turn in guarding the precious crop, rattling their bird-scarers and shouting themselves hoarse to protect  their harvest from the winged marauders. As the ripening padi colours golden, irrigation stops and harvest rituals begin.

On harvest time a  group of women will be start their day in the middle of rice field, they will be cut a rice paddy just above ground level with a sickle, then directly thrashed in the field by the women who bang the bundles of rice on a board till the grains fall off on a spread canvas, ready to be scooped into sacks. These will later be taken to the nearest mill where the padi is sold outright or dehusked for eating.

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The Ubud Village Resort & Spa as winner of Bali Tourism Awards 2015-2016

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