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The Ubud Village Resort is uniquely situated on the hillside of Pengosekan, Ubud

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4:01 AM, Sunday, May 29th 2016
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"Penjor " as a symbol of Galungan Celebration

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As a symbol of Galungan Celebration the victory of virtue (DHARMA) upon evil (ADHARMA), in every houses entrance, government offices, all company in Bali and also at The Ubud Village Resort & Spa, will be decorated with "Penjor" is made from a long bamboo pole about eight meter high with curved end, and decorated with "Pala Bungkah & Pala Gantung" (wide range of crops such as corn, coconut, sugar cane, rice paddies), cakes, a piece of white or yellow cloth. It is the symbol of Mount Agung and also as gratitude for the agricultural produce. The arched top of the bamboo pole represents Mount Agung, the body of the pole is a river that flows from the mountains to the sea, and along its route are the products of the harvest, tied to the pole.

Each part and ornament of Penjor is not merely an ornament but it has a deep religious meaning.
For instance bamboo pole is a symbol of strong determination to serve God, and the others part of penjor such as palm or coconut leaves, wide range of crops (rice paddies, corn, coconut, sugar cane) cakes, and a piece of white or yellow cloth, "Sampian" (special offering which hanging on the top of penjor)as a symbol of the power of virtue , prosperity and gratitude to Ida Sanghyang Widhi (GOD)

After 42 days penjor is removed with special offering. All penjor’s ornaments are burnt and the ashes penjor’s ornaments are put into a yellow coconut and buried in house compound.

In The Ubud Village Resort & Spa, we invited our guests to join with our staff to  make a "Penjor" on 4 or 3 days prior to Galungan Day, and these "Penjor" will be put on the right side of the resort entrance.

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