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The Ubud Village Resort is uniquely situated on the hillside of Pengosekan, Ubud

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4:12 AM, Friday, May 27th 2016
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Rice Planting

Bali The Ubud Village Resort, The Ubud Village Resort  Bali

Traditions in the practice of rice farming vary subtly from one village to other, but the basic cycles of planting, cultivation and harvest, along with their constant element of prayer and offering, are very similar.

At the very first hoeing of the fields, “Ngendang”, or the "opening up", which takes place approximately 25 days prior to planting, Then the fields are hoed and subsequently flooded and the plough or “Tenggala”, pulled by one or two cows or some of the modern farmers was using a machine.

Starting from the seedlings until harvest is take approximately 4 months, and during this 4 months period, the farmers still do a long procession for his paddy fields, such as a fertilization, clean the grass which growth in the sidelines of rice field, check the water irigations, praying & offering.

The Ubud Village staff members whose responsibility with the rice field in our resort area also do the same procession to keep our rice paddies growth well.

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The Ubud Village Resort & Spa as winner of Bali Tourism Awards 2015-2016

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