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The Ubud Village Resort is reachable from central Ubud around 5 minutes only

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11:49 AM, Tuesday, May 31st 2016
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Cremation Ceremony on 15 Dec 2012 " Just 5 minutes walk from THE UBUD VILLAGE RESORT & SPA"

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Balinese Cremation Ceremony at Pengosekan Village on 15 December 2012
On Saturday 15 December 2012, will be held a cremation ceremony of "Mangku I Gusti Made Baret" Priest of Mertasari temple. The Cremation ceremony held at Pengosekan Village just 5 minutes walk from THE UBUD VILLAGE RESORT & SPA.

Mangku I Gusti Made Baret passed away at his age of 89 years on Saturday 17 November 2012.
Even though the ceremony is a cremation for the dead, but the atmosphere is always alive. Besides being a religious ceremony, the cremation ceremony also has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bali.
Cremation ceremony is a ceremony to purify and return the elements of Panca Maha Butha (five elements of the universe that form the life) in human body (Bhuana Alit, the micro-cosmos) to the universe (Bhuana Agung, the macro-cosmos).

On 15 December The body will be placed on Bade "cremation tower" and stretchered by all family members and society. Bade "cremation tower" acompanied by Lembu (a giant sarcophagus bull) and others Pelebon ceremony paraphernalia into the cremation location

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